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The Grasslands Trust

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Weald Meadows

One of the UK's most successful grassland conservation projects, which has been operating across the Weald since 1996. Find out what Meadows Officer Dawn Brickwood is up to!

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Durham's MAGnificent Grasslands

What do the 1960s classic film "Get Carter" featuring Michael Caine, "Billy Elliot" and magnesican limestone grassland all have in common? Easington in County Durham!

Find out what we are doing in the North East to protect some of our rarest grassland habitats

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In the last 16 years an area of wildlife-rich grassland the size of Bedfordshire has been lost.

This is why The Grassland Trust urgently needs your help - to protect what's left and create new areas for the future.

Become a member today and recieve a free meadow starter kit!

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Things To Do

There are some stunning areas of grassland around the UK that you and your family can visit - and all of them free of charge.

Here are our top ten sites as recommended by the experts!

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Nature's Tapestry is a thought provoking report into the state of England's grasslands produced by Miles King, our Director of Conservation.

This report describes the history of grassland, their value to society, the threats they face and why creating more wildlife-rich grassland could be the answer to saving the planet!

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Discovering our Glorious Grasslands

There's more than one way to discover our glorious grasslands and Martin Reeves, Community Grasslands Officer, explains how...

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Learn more about this amazing area of land, managed by The Grasslands Trust and set in the heart of South West Wales.

Carmel boasts 14 different types of habitat and is home to many uncommon and endangered species. Visitors to Carmel's highest peak can see across five counties and this rugged terrain invites you to truly walk on the wild side!

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Want to know how to create your own wildflower meadow and welcome wildlife into your garden? Or interested in restoring an area of grassland? Find out more here!

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